Car Rental To Malaysia

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Going to Malaysia for a holiday with your family or friends?
Need a reliable and comfortable car for the road-trip?
Looking for Car Rental to Malaysia?

Hirva Car Rental offers this service to you.
Our saloon cars and MPVs are allowed to be driven into Malaysia.
A surcharge of S$20-S$50 per day will be levied to extend the insurance and to provide you with 24 hour Hotline service.

Some car rental companies do not hold responsibility for whatever happens in Malaysia, with regards to breakdowns and customers have to fork out their own money for the towing and repairs.

Rent with us for worry-free holidays.

What happens if the car suffers a breakdown?

  • Keep calm and give our Hotline a call
  • Relay the information of your current location and wait for assistance to arrive (depending on the location and time of day, the waiting time can differ greatly)
  • A Plus Highway Tow Truck will attend to you should the car suffer a breakdown on the North-South Expressway, more details can be read here PLUSRonda and this service is free (Do not pay them as this service is provided by PLUS since you are paying the tolls to travel on their roads)
  • Take note, punctured tyres are not considered Breakdowns and you have to change the tyre yourself with the spare provided
  • If the breakdown cannot be rectified on the spot, we will tow the car back to one of our selected workshops and refund the unsued portion of the daily rental to you
  • If car can be repaired quickly, it will be returned to you at your location in Johor, Malacca or Kuala Lumpur, where the car broke down and the rental charges will kick in again
  • Should the car require a few days to repair and be unable to be returned to you, please make your own transport arrangements to your next destination

What happens if you meet with an accident in Malaysia?

  • Keep calm and assess if everyone is fine, should there be an injury, call 999 to seek help
  • Drive to the side of the road and make sure the cars involved in the accident follows suit, else take down the registration numbers of the vehicles involved
  • Once safely at the side, snap pictures of the accident and damages to vehicles involved and their drivers and keep a photo memory of how it happened or quickly sketch the incident on a piece of paper
  • Do take note of the actual location of the accident, if on North-South Expressway, find the distance marker (very important as this determines where you are supposed to make a Traffic Accident Report)
  • Exchange particulars of drivers and for Malaysia Registered Vehicles, snap a picture of their Road Tax too, on their windscreen if you can find it
  • Call our Hotline! No matter the time of the day and we will assist
  • All parties involved are to make a report together at the respective Traffic Police Station where the incident happened (why distance marker on North South Expressway is very important). If unsure, you may need to check with the Police where to make the report, as different places in Malaysia falls under different Traffic Police branch jurisdiction
  • Should a party be unwilling to follow you to lodge a report, be patient and do not resort to force or violence, just report the incident at the Traffic Police station later
  • Once you are safely back in Singapore, you will have to pay the Insurance Excess and make an Insurance Report at one of the reporting centre. Calling our office before you do this is advisable.

Have more questions on car rental to Malaysia?
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